Scottish Independence

As we move closer to the 18th September and the Scottish Independence referendum, my opinion matters less and less.

Saltire(as an Englishman living in England, I won’t be voting in it)

But you’re getting my opinion anyway, so ner.

I’ve been torn, if I’m honest.

I’d love it if Scots had the opportunity to vote ‘no’, and remain in a truly United Kingdom; one which offers genuinely fair income distribution, one which offers more fair devolution of legal powers and one which isn’t increasingly centred around a single English city.

But that isn’t one of the options on the ballot.

Scots have the option of voting ‘no’, and remaining in a United Kingdom which has historically shat upon Scotland from a great height – and perhaps hoping that we will continue the glacial process of devolution and eventually grant Scotland (and Wales, and Ulster) powers that should have been theirs all along…

Or they can vote ‘yes’ to Independence and start building a wholly new country of their very own. Continue reading »

Britain First

There are few things that get me more irate than people spewing bigotry out all over the internet.

Several hundred thousand people spewing bigotry out all over the internet, where I can see it…  that’s one of them.

Be better than this. Continue reading »

“UKIP Surge”

The BBC – and quite a few other media sources – have been rather obsessed with UKIP’s astonishing success in the local elections.

UKIP are ‘surging forward’. They’re ‘causing an earthquake’ in Westminster’. They’re creating ‘tremors’ amongst the established parties. We’re entering into a world of ‘four-party politics’.

With hyperbole like that, you’d expect UKIP to have completely stormed the election results, dominating council after council, unseating safe councillors up and down the country and coming out at the end with a truly massive share of the vote.

But you’d be wrong.

Because in reality UKIP received about 17% of the vote.

And this is what the election results actually look like:


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DHDI – Touch a (live) Rodent

Almost touching a rodentFor the full ‘Dave Hasn’t Done It’ List, & a bit of an explanation, click here

A new entry in the Dave Hasn’t Done It list, because – as I may have pointed out – there are loads of things I haven’t done.

Even though I used to have pet rats living in my house. They were in a cage, and technically they were Val’s rats anyway, so I never really got around to handling them before they died… and I didn’t really want to handle them afterwards.

have touched a few mice, actually – but they were all dead at the time, and I think that falls more under ‘pest control’ than ‘engaging with nature’.

(or in one case ‘teaching my cat that mice have a delicious meaty centre, and aren’t actually just ambulatory toys’)

Anyway, here I am touching – and being touched – by a hamster. Impressive! Continue reading »

Jeremy Clarkson

Just when you think Jeremy Clarkson is talking total and complete bullshit, it turns out that actually “doing everything in my power” to avoid saying something really islot more difficult than you might expect…

I’m doing everything in my power to avoid calling Clarkson a racist here; that’s why I’ve made a little video in which I suggest he is a racist. While mumbling a bit.

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Getting the BNP out of the North-West

The European Parliamentary Elections are coming up on May 22nd.

Now, I know that European Elections are typically considered less important than even local council elections, and as such turnout suffers – but these particular European Elections matter, at least if you live in the North West Constituency

(that’s Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria)


Because the leader of the BNP is currently one of our MEPs.

Having a member of the fascist, openly racist British National Party representing us in Europe is embarrassing enough, but for our constituency to be the one that gives their morally (and financially) bankrupt leader even a semblance of legitimacy is shameful.

This only happened because of a low turnout in 2009 – he scraped into his seat by the narrowest of narrow margins (0.3% of the vote).

So what do you do to fix it?


Tell the BNP they aren't welcome in the North West

European Elections are proportional elections – and the BNP only have a limited amount of support (they had almost exactly the same number of voters in 2004 and 2009). The more people who vote, the lower the BNP’s vote share, and the less chance they have of winning a seat.

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Bullshit Meme Debunking

As you could almost certainly have predicted, the whole ‘doing a weekly video’ didn’t really happen.

But I’m still going to do this as and when I have something worth putting on video (sometimes with Val, sometimes alone – maybe sometimes just with Val if she makes a grab for power…)

Anyway, this one is continuing my one-man war against People Being Wrong On The Internet, in particular the sharing of racist memes, because racists pulling numbers out of their arse is annoying enough without people bastard well sharing it all over social media where I can see it.

For those who want to be two-for-one with their predictions: yes, I swear quite a lot in this one.

But I’m swearing at racists, so it’s okay – it’s not like they have feelings.

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Two Minutes Hate

Daily Express collageThere is a distressing trend in the right-wing media of late…

No. That’s not true.

This distressing trend has persisted as long as there has been a right-wing. They’re just getting a bit more overt about it.

News articles are devoid of news (or utterly fabricated). These stories don’t exist to inform, educate or even to entertain.

A significant proportion of the media is now quite simply devoted to reinforcing prejudices.

Think about it. Who are the right-wing media telling you to hate today?

Take a look at a right-wing tabloid (don’t buy one, obviously – that would be insane). Just look at the front page headline. Or watch an episode of This Morning.

Who is it demonising?

The poor? The Unemployed? The Disabled?


Is there any actual news present? Is there a story worthy of the front page of a national newspaper (or a national televison programme)?

Or is it just telling you to hate a particular group?
From The Sun (DON'T BUY THE SUN)
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UKIP & by-elections

We had yet another by-election in which UKIP came second yesterday. They are once again trumpeting this as evidence that they are a serious political party.

I can understand why there are members of UKIP who genuinely believe this – after all, they’re regular panellists on BBC Question Time (and other political programming), despite not having a single elected Member of Parliament. That seems to imply legitimacy.

But that’s all it does. Imply it.

Looking at the actual results… UKIP are just leaching support from Tory and LibDem voters. Last night’s result:


They repeatedly insist that they’re a party with support from ‘all across the political spectrum’.

But when you actually look at the results – results which exactly mirror those in South Shields and Eastleigh – this claim is risible.

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Homophobia vs. Gingerphobia

We have made a bit of a fuss recently about the fact that it’s now basically illegal to be gay in Russia.

Some Russians Are GayOfficially, Russia simply offers ‘no protection in law’ for gay couples, and has outlawed things like gay pride marches and ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’, while suggesting that homosexuality and paedophilia are basically the same thing.

(if that sounds suspiciously like Section 28… yeah, it does, doesn’t it?)

In reality, this has translated to a rise in homophobic assaults, Neo-Nazi hate campaigns against homosexuals and a general trend towards beating the shit out of people who either are gay or who look like they might be – tacitly approved of by the Russian state (or at least, proceeding with neither condemnation nor prosecution).

This has been rightfully condemned in the UK (and quite a few other nations) – with the rise in Russian homophobic hate groups becoming the subject of a recent Channel 4 documentary.

The Russian Embassy to the UK has dismissed this as anti-Russian ‘hate propaganda’, part of a “well-engineered campaign of slander”, adding:

“One could have easily whipped up such ‘documentary’ about a hunting season on redheads in the UK saying that ‘ginger’ people face unmotivated verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis”

Continue reading »

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